Wiggler Phone Case


  • Hairs surrounding the mouth of a mosquito larva. Flattened curved hairs are seen, each with a small comb-like row of spines. The hairs beat through water filtering out algal spores, scattered pollen, bacteria and other micro-organisms on which the larva feeds. The larva swims either through propulsion with its mouth hairs or by jerky movements of its body, and so at this stage of development is known as a "wiggler". Apart from its well-adapted feeding mechanism, the larva posseses a tube through which it breathes at the surface. Imaged with scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
    Credit: David Scharf via Science Photo Library
  • Slim, impact-resistant, hard-shell case. The design wraps around the sides, with direct access to all of your phone's features. Available in both slim and tough styles. The tough style incorporates a flexible rubber liner for added protection. Slim cases available for all iPhone variations and Galaxy S4-S8. Please note that, at present, tough cases are available for selected iPhone models and Galaxy S6 only
    Produced in partnership with Fine Art America
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