Sprinkles Coasters 4-Pack


  • Biofilm consisting of two types of bacteria. Each has been individually treated to emit light (fluoresce) in response to either green or red light. During cultivation, the cells have grown together to form this thriving bacterial community. The ability to visualize biofilms in such great detail is an important step in understanding how they form and why, which in turn is important in identifying ways to prevent their formation on catheters, industrial pipes and so on. Imaged using fluorencence light microscopy
    Image by Matt Lakins with Marjan Van der Woude and Peter O’Toole, using the Bioscience Technology Facility, University of York (UK), as part of a BBSRC-funded research project on applying advanced imaging techniques to biofilms
  • Matching set of four sturdy wooden coasters, with glossy, heat-resistant surface and beautifully lustrous all-over print. Generously proportioned at 10 cm x 10 cm (4”x 4”) with rounded corners, the perfect blend of function and style for all your hot and cold beverages. Hand made in London
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