Phantasia Paris Chiffon Scarf


  • Scales on the wing of a butterfly. The color of a butterfly wing comes either from a pigment contained in the scales or from iridescence as light is diffracted by the microscopic structure of the scales themselves. The image was made using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), where a beam of electrons aimed at the surface of the material causes the generation of various sample-specific signals which are then collected to form an image
  • Image credit: Kenneth Bart, Visuals Unlimited Inc via Science Photo Library
  • Soft, silky and fine, this pretty scarf is sheer and light, allowing it to drape and flow. Large enough to be worn around the waist as a sarong or around the shoulders as a shawl. The Paris Chiffon fabric is transparent, enabling the high-quality print to be visible on both sides. Edged with a three-thread overlock hem. Size: 135 x 105 cm (approx. 52.4” x 41.3“)

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