Just Peachy Phone Case


  • Computer graphic showing sperm and egg cells, similar to how they look in a microscope. A sperm cell looks a bit like a tiny tadpole, with a long tail (flagellum) that helps move it along the fallopian tube towards the egg, while the egg is a much larger, rounded cell. The two different cell types each contain half the genetic information that, after fertilization, go on to determine the overall genetic make-up of an individual
  • Slim, impact-resistant, hard-shell case. The design wraps around the sides, with direct access to all of your phone's features. Available in both slim and tough styles. The tough style incorporates a flexible rubber liner for added protection. Slim cases available for all iPhone variations and Galaxy S4-S8. Please note that tough cases are available for selected iPhone models and Galaxy S6 only
    Produced in partnership with Fine Art America
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