Dopamine Skittle Rain Ceramic Mug


  • A small quantity of powdered dopamine was placed on a glass slide and heated to a temperature exceeding its melting point. In doing so, it sizzled and splattered across the substrate, forming a random distribution of pools and microdroplets on the glass surface. In time, as the temperature decreased, these droplets slowly changed phase from liquid to the crystalline state where the molecules orientate themselves in such a way that the overall crystal exhibits an optical property called birefringence. Depending on both the thickness and orientation of the crystal grains, the frozen droplets appear to take on different interference colours when imaged with polarised light microscopy

    Credit: Karl Gaff Photography

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  • Our lovely ceramic mugs have a glossy all-over print, produced using archival inks which are guaranteed to last many years without fading. Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Typically ready in 1-2 working days, plus shipping time. Manufactured and shipped from the US. Please allow at least a further five working days after shipment for delivery

    Produced in partnership with Fine Art America

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