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Our Story

Launched in November 2018, NANOVIZZ was founded with the vision of bringing together art and microscopy, helping to bring the amazing sights of the microscopic world to the wider audience. Printed designs originate from all kinds of microscopy and visualization techniques, and the aim is to give a brief, simple explanation of where each design comes from. Amongst them you’ll find butterfly wings, vitamin C crystals, bacteria, viruses and atoms in a nanoparticle, to name a few

NANOVIZZ’s founder has been connected with microscopy for more than 25 years, having initially become hooked on it as a part-time research technician at the University of Bristol, UK, while raising a young family and studying for an Open University BSc Honours degree. This led to a PhD in Physics at the University of Cambridge, UK, and a subsequent Royal Society Research Fellowship, where her passion for microscopy grew even further as part of her involvement in pioneering electron microscopy techniques. She has also been actively involved with several microscopy societies worldwide, and continues to be closely associated with the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS). She eventually joined a market-leading microscopy company, in various roles from market development to strategic marketing. Release from the business has created a marvellous opportunity to follow a long-held dream that is the basis for NANOVIZZ, with the hope that the concept will build and grow to engage anyone, young or old, with the fascinating, beautiful and artistic world of microscopic images

If you have any ideas, questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!
We are especially interested in setting up resources to promote public engagement with microscopy. If you are involved in relevant outreach/educational events or programs, please let us know (e-mail