Pink Peril Jigsaw Puzzle & Tin


  • Eyes of a Mosquito, showing the multiple lenses (ommatidia) that make up the compound eyes characteristic of insects. Ommaditia collect individual images, from slightly different angles, which are then added together. While the mosquito's vision is relatively poor, this arrangement helps it quickly detect movement. The image was made using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), where a beam of electrons aimed at the surface of the material causes the generation of various signals which are then collected to form an image
    Credit: Eye of Science via Science Photo Library
  • Luxurious, handmade wooden jigsaw puzzle presented in a smart, matching tin. A unique and delightful gift for both children and adults. This 96-piece puzzle is printed on a 2.5 mm wooden base, with a beautifully glossy, waterproof coating. Overall size 36 x 25 cm (14.2” x 9.8"). Some designs are more challenging than others – read on for our personal recommendations about the difficulty-level of each design, and please do let us know how you get on!
    We suggest that this specific design is suitable for ages 9 to adult, and should take about 60-75 minutes for an average adult to complete, making it a little bit of a challenge but not overly so
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