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Just Peachy Bag Tag


  • Computer graphic showing sperm and egg cells, similar to how they look in a microscope. A sperm cell looks a bit like a tiny tadpole, with a long tail (flagellum) that helps move it along the fallopian tube towards the egg, while the egg is a much larger, rounded cell. The two different cell types each contain half the genetic information that, after fertilization, go on to determine the overall genetic make-up of an individual
  • Add a touch of individuality to your bag or suitcase with this distinctive, high-gloss bag tag. Made from tough, weather-resistant rugged plastic, with strap included. Design is printed on the front side, with the reverse left blank. Length 3.93" (10 cm). Width 2.75" (7 cm). Strap length 4.13" (10.5 cm). Optionally available in a clear plastic presentation box finished with ribbon, with printed card insert describing the design – all ready for gift-giving
  • Ships direct from NANOVIZZ. DHL Tracked or Express delivery services are available for this product. For Tracked deliveries, please allow 2-5 working days within Europe (1 day Express), 5-9 working days for the US (2 days Express), and 6-12 working days for other international orders (4 days Express)

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